Hanging Candle Lantern

Hanging Candle Lantern
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Begin by measuring the amount of wire required to fit your jar of choice. To do this wrap a piece of wire around the rim of the jar, loop it up for the length of the handle and back down to the wire. Leave 1 inch more of the required amount of wire and cut the wire.

With your pliers, create a very small loop in each end of the wire. (If using thinner wire, you should be able to do this by hand without pliers.) Don't pinch the loop completely closed, as you will need to feed the wire through the loop a little later.

With your pliers pinch the loop that is holding the wire tightly, to keep the wire handle from slipping out of the loop.

Attach the other loop to wire, opposite the connection for first loop. Again, with your pliers, pinch the second loop closed.

Slip the ring that you have formed over the rim of your jar and secure the ring in place by pulling tightly on the wire and bending the wire upward to create your handle.

Now that you have created your hanger, simply place a candle in the jar and you are all done.

Materials Needed:
Jar (any jar with a rim will work), wire (wire coat hangers, general craft wire, etc), tealight candle, wire cutters, pliers (optional)

Where to Buy:
Hardware store, anywhere

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