Homemade crayons

Homemade Crayons and Coloring Pages
Price of Item: $0-1


Peel wrappers from old crayons
Group peeled crayons as desired and fill paper lined muffin pan
Heat at 300 degrees in oven until nicely melted together (about 5-10 minutes)
Cool completely, turm muffin pan upside down to remove crayons, peel paper liner off newly shaped crayons.
Print free coloring book or puzzle pages from http://coloringbookfun.com/ or http://www.coloring.ws/, clip or tie together, and wrap with crayons.

Materials Needed:
Old crayons, muffin tin, paper muffin liners, oven, computer and printer (optional)

Where to Buy:
WalMart, Hannaford