Tea Wreath

Tea Wreath
Price of Item: $4.00


1. Hot glue your two pieces of cardboard together (this is to give your base a little bulk since it'll be holding a bunch of clothespins eventually).  Cut the doubled up cardboard into a generally wreath-like shape (a circle, or if you're adventurous, a square).  Make sure the 'wreath' part is about as thick as a clothespin.

2. Cover your circle with patterned paper.  I traced my 'wreath' onto the back side of the patterned paper and then cut outside of my lines by about half an inch to give myself gluing margin.  I then notched the margin up to my tracing lines and glued the little tabs around the outside and inside circles.There are other ways - do what works for you!

3. Cover your clothespins with patterned paper as well.  I just cut long strips of paper about the width of the clothespin, hot glued the long strip on, and trimmed the ends.

4. Start hot gluing your clothespins to your wreath.  Continue until the whole wreath is covered in evenly spaced clothespins.  Make sure that the 'mouth' of the clothespin faces the outside of the wreath (otherwise you'll have a whole jumble of tea bags in the center of the wreath and people won't be able to see which kinds you have).

5. Tie a ribbon on your wreath for hanging.  Clip tea onto each of your clothespins.  Hang and enjoy!

Materials Needed:
- two pieces of 12x12ish cardboard
-patterned paper
-clothes pins (I used 24)
-hot glue
-ribbon for hanging

Where to Buy:
Dollar Store, WalMart, Rite Aid, etc.