Grocery Planner

Grocery Planner
Price of Item: $3.00

1. plan out the most useful grocery list format for your gift recipient. design a grocery list that makes sense for them and either hand write it or type it up. when you are happy with it, make a few copies.
2. trace the back of your clipboard on the back of the paper. cut out the shape leaving a half inch border around the tracing lines.
3. spray the paper with a thin, even coat of spray adhesive and carefully smooth the paper glue side down onto the front of the clipboard. hold up the clip and smooth the paper underneath. then use the exacto blade (or scissors) to cut off the excess paper around the clip shape. if you mess up or rip the paper, you can cut a small patch out of your extra paper and glue it into place.
4. cut small slits in the corners of the paper that is hanging off the edges of the clipboard. this will allow the edges to fold down flatter around the corners. wrap the edges of the paper around the edges of the clipboard and press against the back to adhere. add a little glue if necessary.
5. cut three or four strips of the magnet tape that are an inch shorter than the width of the clipboard. attach three strips near the top of the backside of the clipboard, and one strip near the bottom on the need multiple strips because the clipboard is too heavy for just one strip. four holds it quite firmly.
6. tie string around pen and attach to clipboard, insert photocopied grocery lists in board, and you're done!

Materials Needed:
1. clipboard
2. pen
3. pretty paper (mine is from the paper source)
4. glue or spray adhesive
5. exacto knife
6. scissors
7. adhesive magnet tape (these come in dots and rolls, i recommend the roll that you can cut)

Where to Buy:
Dollar Store, WalMart, Rite-Aid, etc