Decorated Hangers

Decorated Hangers
Price of Item: $2.00


1. Trace a hanger onto a piece of scrap paper to make a pattern
2. Add ½” seam allowance to the top of the pattern and 1 ½” allowance on the bottom
3. Cut out 2 and hem the bottoms by turning up ¼” and stitching. Right sides together, pin and stitch along the top, leaving a ½” slot open in the center to slip the hanger through. The bottom stays open so you can remove the hanger if needed.
4. Turn right side out and press with iron

Materials Needed:
- wire hangers
- fabric measuring at least 14” by 9” (Fancy paper works too, and then there is no need for sewing!)
- scissors
- pins
- needle and thread
- scrap paper
- iron

Where to Buy:
Local dry cleaner, WalMart, etc