Zucchini Relish

Zucchini Relish
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To make the relish:

10 C. Zucchini
3 C. mixed onions and peppers
Mix with 5 TBSP. salt
Let sit over night
Rinse with cold water to freshen and drain
Place in large pan

2 ¼ C. Vinegar
6 C. Sugar
4 TBSP. Cornstarch
2 TBSP Dry Mustard
1 TBSP Tumeric
2 TBSP Celery Seed
½ TBSP Black Pepper

Cook until mixture thickens, place in jars, seal. Add decorative fabric and ribbon if desired. Present with note card including recipe if desired.

Materials Needed:
Zucchini, onions and peppers, salt, sugar, vinegar, various spices, canning jar

Where to Buy:
Hannaford, WalMart, Peppercorns, any other grocery store