Round Wine Glass Coasters

Round Wine Glass Coasters
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• Trace the base of your wine glass onto a piece of paper to make a template and cut it out.
• Cut four rounds of fabric, using your template as a guide, for each coaster you plan to make. Cut about a half-inch larger than the template to add a seam allowance.
• Fold two of the circles in half, wrong sides together, then press along the fold with an iron for a nice, crisp edge.
• Layer one circle face up, the two folded circles side by side, and one circle face down, making a fabric sandwich.
• Stitch just outside the line you transferred to the fabric from your pattern, leaving about an inch open for turning. It's best if the opening is left where there are just two layers of fabric, and not where the folded circles are involved.
• Turn the coaster right-side-out and press the edges flat. Turn under the opening and press those edges in place to make it easier to sew them closed. If you find that your seams are bunching up inside the coaster, turn it back inside-out and trim the seam allowance down, but no closer than an eighth of an inch to the seam.
• Stitch the opening closed and press again if needed. You now have a basic slipper-style coaster for your wine glass.

Sew as many more as you like to make a complete set!

Materials Needed:

Where to Buy:
WalMart, Country Heart Quilters, Michaels, Joann Fabrics