Denim Cork Board

Denim Cork Board
Price of Item: $3.50-5.00

Gifts From Heart and Hand 374

1. Cut a piece denim to fit the cork front of the bulletin board. Add about 1" all the way around to allow for wrapping around back.
2. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the denim, and smooth in place on the cork. Attach excess around back with staples or glue
3. Use scissors or a seam ripper to remove the back pockets from old blue jeans. Cut as many as you'd like. Apply a line of glue along the back hem of each pocket, and hold in place on the bulletin board. Don't glue the pocket flat to the bulletin board; glue one side in place, then place your fingers inside the pocket and glue the other side in place so the pocket will have enough slack to hold pens and pencils.
4. Decorate with other patches if desired.

Materials Needed:
old jeans, corkboard, scissors, glue, staples

Where to Buy:
WalMart, Dollar Store, Thrift Store, etc