Easy Crochet Scrunchie

Easy Crochet Scrunchie
Price of Item: $5-10

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Round 1:
work about 30 single crochet stitches onto and around the elastic.
(count should be an even number… 28, 30, 32 etc.)
Join yarn with slip stitch to first single crochet of round

Round 2:
chain 4
Now, working in the back loops of the first row of stitches,
*work single crochet, treble crochet, single crochet, treble crochet around to end of round. Join yarn to bottom of first chain 4 with slip stitch, chain 4 and turn

Round 3:
Now, working in the front loops of the first row of single crochet, repeat from * above to end of round. Join with slip stitch to beginning of round, anchoring it to the elastic itself.

Cut yarn and weave in the ends.

Materials Needed:
Size H crochet hook
About 10 yds any worsted weight yarn
Basic nylon stretchy hair elastic

Where to Buy:
Walmart, Michaels, Inspire 2 Knit & Tea, etc.