Light Bulb Ornaments

Light Bulb Ornaments
Price of Item: $0-$10
Light Bulb Ornaments

Gently pry the black end piece from the end of the light bulb and discard.

Fold a piece of string or ribbon approx. 8" long in half to make a loop and gently poke the open ends of the string into the hold you have made at the end of the bulb. Super glue in place and let dry completely. Clean light bulbs with soap and water or alcohol and let dry completely.

Spray the light bulbs with basic white spray paint. (It helps to hang them before spraying.) Let dry 1-2 hours. Spray with a second coat. Let dry 24 hours.

Paint as desired.
SNOWMAN—Using a sponge brush, paint with a coat of light blue paint. Let dry. Using a piece of kitchen sponge, dot with white paint. Paint the black portion of the bulb with a deeper shade of light blue.

GRINCH—With a sponge brush, paint with green paint. Let dry. Dilute yellow paint with water and make a wash over the face portion of the bulb. Let dry.
Use the caulk to make the fringe of the hats and the pompoms on top of the bulbs. Use the end of a paint brush to make swirls.

With the sharpies, draw the faces on the bulb.

Spray the completed light bulbs with clear varnish. Let dry.

And you‘re done! 🙂

Materials Needed:
Burnt out light bulbs—or new if needed
String or ribbon for hanging, super glue, spray paint, colored paint, bathroom caulk, sharpie markers, glitter, alcohol, sponge brush and sponges, clear varnish spray paint

Where to Buy:
WAL*MART or other craft stores