Decoupage Box

Decoupage Box
Price of Item: $6-$7
Decoupage Box

Using a paint brush spread some of the modge podge across a section of the box. Tear ran-dom sizes of tissue paper and begin to cover the box. Keep working small sections, colors and sizes should overlap a bit until box is covered. You will need to work in sections to allow dry-ing time. Once you have a whole section done you want to use your paint brush and com-pletely cover that area with a coat of modge podge. This will seal the paper together and give it a top coat. You want to keep the top coat neat but it will dry clear and a little glossy.

Materials Needed:
Small wooden box
Package of multi colored tissue paper or gift wrap
Modge Podge Glue
Paint Brush - medium sized

Where to Buy:
Small wooden box—WAL*MART $1-$2
Tissue paper/gift wrap—Dollar Store
Modge Podge—WAL*MART—$3.00
Paint Brush—Dollar Store or WAL*MART—$1-$2