Coffee Cuffs

Coffee Cuffs
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Coffee Cuffs

If you don‘t have access to a sewing machine, these can be easily hand sewn!

Take the cardboard cuff apart and lay it out flat on top of your fabric. Trace.

Pin the fabric right side up on the batting. Sew them together on the traced line. At this point, you can decorate or embellish or leave the fabric as is.

Pin the backing fabric wrong sides together and sew again around the traced line. Trim to about an 1/8" above the sewing line and either leave edges unfinished, finish on a sewing ma-chine or by hand.

Now it‘s time to sew the ends together. Fold up the cardboard template, back to its original state. Lay your cuff on top of the cardboard one and fold up your cuff to the same size. Pint the ends together. Put the pinned cuff on the coffee cup to make sure it fits and then sew the ends together. Your cuff is finished!

Materials Needed:
A paper or Styrofoam coffee cup
A cardboard coffee cuff to use as a template
Fabric and cotton batting or felt (if using jeans, batting will not be required)

Where to Buy:
Fabric or quilting store, WAL*MART, etc