Anti-stress Kit

Anti-Stress Kit
Price of Item: $1.00
Anti-Stress Kit

In a small baggie, place a pencil eraser, penny, marble, elastic band, short piece of string and 1 each Hersey‘s Hug and Kiss. Attach a piece of paper with the following note:

―Anti-Stress Holiday Kit! ERASER…to make all those little mistakes disappear. PENNY…so you will never be completely broke. MARBLE…for those days when you‘re sure you‘ve lost all of yours! ELASTIC…to help you stretch beyond your current limits. STRING…to hold it all together when it seems to be falling apart. HUG & KISS to remind you that someone CARES!

Materials Needed: Small baggie, Pencil eraser, Penny, Marble, Elastic band, Short piece of string or ribbon, 1 each Hersey‘s Hug and Kiss, Ribbon or tape, Paper

Where to Buy:
Dollar Store