Miniature Trees

Miniature Trees
Price of Item: $2.25 ea
miniature trees

With a small rubber band tie several evergreen cuttings together and place them loosely in an empty jar. Screw the ring top on and pour whole cranberries into the jar, filling it to the top. Fill the jar with water. Keep the cranberries watered and the ―tree should last for up to a month. Trim your miniature tree with ribbons, bows, garlands, and ornaments. Attach a gift tag and present it to a friend as a token of holiday cheer.

Materials Needed:
one case (12) of 8 ounce quilted canning jars, five 12 ounce bags of whole fresh cranberries, 12 count bag of miniature bows, curling ribbon, decorative garland, tiny holiday ornaments, cut-tings of evergreens, small rubber bands

Where to Buy:
canning jars from hardware stores or grocery stores, cranberries from grocery stores, ornamen-tation from discount stores like The Dollar Store; evergreen cuttings are free if you go for a walk in the woods (or purchase greenery from your local florists, but this will increase the cost.)