Candy Cone

Candy Cone
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candy cone

Using the pencil, ruler and stiff cardboard, draw a triangle that is 8”x8”x4” (medium), 10”x10”x5” (large) or 6”x6”x3” (small) on the cardboard and cut out the triangle. This is your pattern.  Using the pattern, pencil and a manila folder, trace the triangle 4 times by placing the pat-tern “side-by-side”, so that the long sides touch, ensuring that the point of the pattern stays in the same place. It will look like a fan with lines where you’ll make your folds. Using your scissors, cut the “fan” out of the manila folder. Using the glue stick, secure the “fan” to the inside of your no-peek gift wrap. Trim around the “fan” leaving a ¾”-1” border all the way around. Snip a V in the gift wrap at each fold line so you can fold the gift wrap over the manila fan and secure it with the glue stick. Use the whole punch to put 1-2 wholes in each side of the newly covered edge of the fan. Fold the 4th side over the first (lining up the punched wholes) to form a triangle or pyramid shape. Secure the overlapped sides with the glue and let set. Lace your ribbon through the punched wholes, leaving some loops or twists if you like, and tie a bow where the ends meet. Line the cone with your tissue paper, doily or foil and fill with candies. Admire your handiwork and then decide who to give these special hand-made treats to!

Materials Needed:
1 piece fairly stiff cardboard (I use the pressed-cardboard back piece of a legal pad) used manila file folders
holiday gift wrap – the thicker the paper, the better your finished product will look!
tissue paper, doilies, parchment paper, foil – you decide what works best for you
½” wide ribbon
single-hole punch or a heavy-duty 3-hole punch, glue stick, scissors, pencil, ruler

Where to Buy:
Any general merchandise store