Green Jeans Purse

Green Jeans Purse
Price of Item: $3.00
green jeans purse
Cut the bag and handle shape from the leg of the pants
Throw the cut bag in the washer and then the dryer to create the soft, fringed look
Use hot glue or fabric glue to attach the bottom of the bag
Cut the pocket from the back of the jeans and glue it to the side of the bag
Glue the handles together at the top. To make a shorter handle, you can tie the straps.
Decorate with anything you want!

Materials Needed:
Old pair of jeans, fabric glue or hot glue gun, scissors, costume jewelry or decorative trim

Where to Buy:
Community Closet Thrift Store (formerly Second Comings) , Off the Hanger, Dollar Store, WAL*MART