Donation to Charity/Gift of Your Time

Make a donation to charity or give a gift of your time
Price of Item: Up to you!
make a donation

Make a donation to someone‘s favorite charity in their honor. Or as a way to thank them for a positive difference they made in your life. Examples: homeless shelter because you had a good home growing up, food pantry because you always had enough, SPCA for the animal lover on your list, Sierra Club for the environmentalist on your list, Toys for Tots because you had toys for the holidays, the PSU Music Dept for the teacher who inspired you in your musical pursuits, You can write a note that you‘re doing this on a holiday card to the person, or make up a little gift tag and decorate it with a pic-ture and ribbons. Be creative or not.

When you send your check to the charity, or make your gift online, say that this gift is honor of Jane Doe and give Jane‘s address. The charity should notify Jane that you have made a gift in her honor, but should not tell her the amount of your gift.

This is perfect for someone ―who has everything‖ or is a ―hard to get for‖ person. It is meaningful and
thoughtful, and your recipient will love it!

Another thought is to give a promise of spending time with a person, like taking your little brother on a fishing trip one day, or offering to do something nice for someone, like washing your mother‘s dog for the summer while you‘re at home. Or take someone to an inexpensive performance at Silver Cen-ter for the Arts, or a trip to the NH History Museum, McAuliffe Planetarium, Currier Museum, or whatever the person is interested in. Most towns‘ public libraries have free passes for their patrons, so you can go to the place for free and treat the person to lunch. A nice outing and inexpensive too!

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