Decoupage Switch Plates

Decoupage Switch Plates
Price of Item: $3.75
Decoupage Switch Plates

Decide on paper material to use and rip them as you go (Ripping the papers gives a better effect than cutting with scissors).
Apply decoupage glue to the backs of the paper and one at a time place on switch plates (overlapping or diagonally placing in whatever way you like)
When all open spaces are covered by paper, brush a thick coat of glue over switch plate.
Let dry for a few hours and repeat until the desired glossy look is achieved. The more coats the glossier!

Materials Needed:
Decoupage glue and sealer (small 4 oz. bottle generally lasts for several projects)
Poly foam brush (small size - can wash out after each project and be reused)
Light switch plates/covers
Paper, stamps or old magazines

Where to Buy:
Most craft or hardware stores