Price of Item: $5.00

Paint the front and sides of each piece of plywood with the blackboard paint (apply 2 coats).
Once the paint is dry, screw the picture hooks into the top of the blackboard.
Lace a piece of ribbon/string through the hooks and tie in a knot.

Materials Needed:

Blackboard paint & paint brush
Picture Hooks

Optional Materials for Gift:
Chalk, Eraser, Ribbon/String to hang blackboard

Where to Buy:
All of the materials, except for the plywood, can be purchased at WAL*MART
Plywood can be purchased at stores like Lowe‘s and Home Depot (they will cut your plywood to whatever size you want. I bought a piece of 1/2‖, 2x2ft birch and had them cut it into 4 equal pieces).