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Cast on 4 stts.
Knit across 2 rows
Increase Pattern:
Row 1: k2, yo, k until last 3 sts, yo, k2
Row 2: k across
Repeat these two rows until 45 sts.
Decrease Pattern:
Row 1: k1, k2 tog., yo, k2 tog., k until last 5 sts, k2 tog., yo,, k2 tog., k1.
Row 2: k across
Repeat these two rows until 9 sts.
Finishing Pattern:
Row 1: k1, k2 tog,, yo, k1, k2 tog,, yo, k2 tog., k1.— 6 sts.
Row 2: k across
Row 3: k1, k2 tog., k2 tog., k1.—4 sts.
Row 4 : Cast off.
Hide loose strings with the crochet hook

Materials Needed:
Peaches ‗n Cream.100 percent cotton yarn If you buy the large spool ($8), you can make approximately 12 washcloths. If you buy a smaller skein,($2.50), you can make about 2. wash clothes. 1 pair size 6 knitting needles 1 crochet hook—any size

Where to Buy:
WAL*MART, Michaels and anywhere else that sells Peaches ‗n Cream 100 percent yarn